In the event of a Rain Cancellation you will receive an automated phone message via our Calling Post system no later than *1 hour prior to your start time.

*-If the rain starts less than 1 hour prior to practice a phone message may not be sent so please note the final decision to play will be made at the site by the Site Director and Clinician.

Please always check our website First for any rain cancellations by clicking the  button on the top right side of any page on the USYVL Website.

The office is not open on Saturdays so please listen for your messages and check the website. During the week we have limited staff and the most efficient way to receive information is our Calling Post system and the website.

Rain Policy – Practice will be cancelled if any of the following occur:


          1.   It is raining at the start time of practice or games


          2.   The school or park closes the field due to excess water on the field


          3.   The Clinician and Site Director feel the playing conditions are unsafe


          4.   Rain days will be made up immediately, please check your local Site Director











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