Last week USYVL headed on over to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the annual AVCA Convention.

What is the AVCA convention you may ask?

The AVCA Convention is a chance for coaches, players, and really anyone who enjoys volleyball to network and attend seminars and panels to learn more about developing the sport of volleyball.

We were there at booth 841 offering attendees a free shirt if they could do one of three simple tasks.

Just take a look at some of our winners.

Not only did we get to learn more about coaching and volleyball but we were able to see some familiar faces.

It was such a treat being able to see former USYVL players attending the convention as adults looking to further their knowledge in volleyball!

Oh and of course there was the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Championship matches.

Congratulations to the Stanford Women’s Volleyball Team on their eighth championship win!

The P1440 Huntington beach event took place this weekend. Thanks to those who joined us! We had several USYVL families attend and enjoy, not only the high level volleyball matches, but the cool activities offered. Platform 1440 is leading the way to give athletes the chance to have a sustainable living playing the sport they love. USYVL was there on Saturday, December 1st supporting their vision. We invited USYVL families and friends to join us at Huntington State Beach, and all those who came received a super cool Beach 2028 shirt! Let’s get ready for Santa Monica Beach 2028!

We hope you are enjoying a restful and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday weekend with your families. We at the USYVL are so thankful for our community of players, parents, volunteers and staff that make our programs possible. For over 20 years, we have aimed to provide every child between the ages of 7 and 15 a chance to learn and play volleyball in a fun, safe, supervised environment. We continue to expand our traditional leagues to new locations and are excited about the growing interest in our Advanced Juniors and Camp programs that are designed for kids looking for a more competitive experience where we focus on improving skills at a higher level with experienced coaches and more traditional game play. Whether our players go on to play at the collegiate level, as many have, or just recreationally we take pride in knowing that we can provide a foundation for kids to learn volleyball in a fun and safe environment.

Our organization has thrived on participation in our programs and on the generosity from our community. Your donations help us grow and evolve our initiatives to run a healthy sports atmosphere fostering the development of responsible individuals.

This Giving Tuesday we are asking you to consider making a special donation to the USYVL. In 2019 we will be undertaking a major technology upgrade and need your help to fund the project. This new technology will help us streamline the scheduling, communication and management of our programs to your local community. It will also help us fund our scholarship programs for children in need and expand our program offerings.

This Giving Tuesday we are asking for a donation of $40 from our members. Any amount you can comfortably give will make a difference.

To support USYVL visit our donation page or send a text message with a dollar amount to 310-341-0048. Your generous contribution will have a huge and lasting impact on our participants and their families.

This is a great opportunity for participants, family and friends to attend a local volleyball event.

P1440 is a three day event that will be taking place at Huntington State Beach from November 30 – December 2.

Founded by Kerri Walsh, three – time Olympic Beach Gold Medalist, and her husband Casey Jennings, P1440 is a part of the movement to grow the game of volleyball.

USYVL will be there December 1st to show our support for growing the game of volleyball.

We would like to invite all USYVL players, volunteers, family and friends to join us!

To reserve your spot and reserve a special USYVL t-shirt, complete the form below.

A special thank you to P1440 for putting on this fantastic event!

What began as an innocent introduction to a new sport for their daughter, became a commitment that has kept Aaron and Giulia Martin tied to their volleyball community for 36 seasons. As a couple, this dynamic duo has grown the Goleta site from an initial 23 players, to a consistent 65-75 players, which makes it one of the most successful USYVL programs in its 20 year history.

The USYVL is very happy to honor the Martins with its fifth Founder’s Award. The USYVL Founder’s award is awarded annually to the individuals who have provided leadership to the USYVL for the greatest amount of time and made an impact on the organization.

Aaron Martin was a recreational volleyball player, mostly beach, when approached to coach his stepdaughter, Aja’s, team. His wife Giulia had volunteered to be site director so, like most good dads, he said, “sure.” After a couple seasons he was promoted to Clinician, and has been sharing his (considerable) knowledge and enthusiasm to thousands of young athletes – and their parents too – ever since. “One of my favorite parts of USYVL,” says Aaron, “is watching kids get inspired by the program and fall in love with volleyball. And then running into the kids or their parents years later and hearing that they still love volleyball!”

Aaron and Giulia both work at UCSB; he is a systems administrator for the Earth Research Institute and she in the Business Office for the Technology Management Program. Aaron’s technology background has been solicited in developing several USYVL platforms over the years – for scheduling, workflow tracking, website building, mobile access, etc. Always willing to help make the program better, he has donated almost as many hours off the field as on.

When asked why she keeps coming back, Giulia’s answer was simple: “Even after 36 seasons we still feel like each season is the best season ever. The kids and parents are amazing and feel like an extended family.”

The Martin family’s youngest daughter, Malia, continues to enjoy USYVL while also playing club volleyball. “She found a passion for the game a little over a year ago,” says Aaron, “and her skill levels have increased dramatically.”

The passion for the game is what keeps this family playing. And their volunteering has kept many other children and families playing too – for over 18 years!

Aaron and Giulia Martin Honored with Founder’s Award-919884709