I coach because I love to teach. When my career path lead away from instruction, I sought out ways to stay involved in helping younger generations learn and thrive. The search led to USYVL. Being able to merge my love of instruction and volleyball was ideal! The organization is fantastic and allows me to stay involved in the community and really make a difference in the lives of so many young people. The ultimate reward comes at the beginning of each new season, meeting new faces and seeing how happy the familiar faces are to be back.

– Scott – Team Blue Wolves Spring 2019

I was not going to coach at first, it was just a joke for my daughter BUT she said she didn’t mind if I did, so I did it. I’m glad I did, I think the girls taught me more than I taught them but we all had a good time and I would definitely do it again.

– Anthony – Team White Falcons Spring 2019

There’s nothing like seeing kids develop socially, emotionally and athletically through sports. I’ve coached soccer, basketball and lacrosse, but this was my first time coaching volleyball.

This year’s volleyball squad was all 2nd grade girls and our first few practices had me thinking that volleyball was too technical for kids this age.

I was totally wrong. By the end of the season the girls were passing, setting and serving with precision and care. More importantly they had fun, learned to compete, work hard and to win and lose as a team. Each girl made huge individual strides as athletes and as people and seeing this unfold before my eyes is why I coach.

Coach Stewart

To spend time with my daughter learning a new sport with her, it is a bonding experience for us To help all the girls realize that they are capable of things beyond what they imagine at the beginning of the season.

To help them see the value of team work. The best seasons are the ones where a group of individuals start playing together and by the end become a team dependent on each other.

For me, it helps me maintain a work/life balance, it is a reminder of the fact that there are things more important in life than work.

Volunteer Coach Vivek – Team Red Rockets