I coach because our lives are way too short to not maximize my time not only sharing great memories with my daughter but helping build the confidence in children to feel they can achieve anything in life.

Andrew – Team Supercharged Pandas Spring 2019

Initially I started coaching because my daughter had played for a few seasons and loved it, and when I heard from the site director they really needed volunteers for coach/assistant coaches, and I figured I was already sitting at the park anyway so why not! I was a bit nervous since I’ve never played volleyball in a school setting or anything other than recreational and that had even been a while! So I started off by volunteering as an Assistant Coach. That season I had so much fun helping and cheering on the team, I decided to volunteer as a Coach for the next season. USYVL and the site director make the whole process so easy as a volunteer coach. I have been a coach for three seasons now and my daughter has learned so much and now loves the game so much that she wants to try-out in junior high! I have loved being a part of helping these young kids learn some athletic skills as well as teamwork, and we have so much fun, I look forward to each season!

Amber – Team Screamin’ Demons Spring 2019

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I coach because it’s really fun to hang out with your kid in a friendly, outdoorsy, non-competitive environment. It’s also fun to meet other parents and kids who share a similar interest and enthusiasm for Volleyball.

– Ali H. – Team Daredevils Spring 2019

coach on court to demonstrate
…because I used to play volleyball and it’s very rewarding coaching the children and see them having fun and learning how to play. Volleyball is an amazing sport and it also helps teach important lessons in perseverance, teamwork, and selflessness.
– Alessandra T., Snow Tigers Spring 2019

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