Advertise with Us
Advertise with Us

There are several ways to get your brand involved with USYVL. One of the best ways is to print your company’s name on our nets. This is a great way to put your business at eye level.

How To Put Your Business At Eye Level…

  • Pick a net color
  • Select your local site as an advertising location
  • Chose the number of net systems on which you would like to advertise your business
  • Send us your logo or name, 2.75″ tall in EPS or JPG Format to [email protected]
  • To make a payment online or complete your information and mail in a check to the USYVL, Click Here.

Net Options

  • Blue Net Tape + White Printing
  • Yellow Net Tape + Black Printing
  • Red Net Tape + White Printing
1 Net
2 Net
3 Net
5 Net
10 Net


  • Once your logo and payment is received we will immediately order the number of net systems you selected. Approximate lead times are 45-60 days for USYVL to receive the nets with your company logo.

  • In the event that the net systems you sponsored arrive mid-season we will use them for the remainder of the season plus 2 additional complete seasons.

  • If we have multiple companies wanting to sponsor a site, we will use the first payment rule. If arrangements can be made to use additional net systems at a neighboring site we will make every effort possible to accommodate everyone. If you have questions regarding net sponsorships at your local site please call the USYVL National Office at 888.988.7985.

  • Items to print on the nets include your website, or business name/logo, and your company slogan.