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The International Olympic Committee offered USYVL the opportunity to host two International Coaches this past week.  We had the honor of showing our USYVL program to Size Verdhan (South Africa Coach) and Inguna Minusa (Latvia Coach).  They were given a tour of the National Headquarters and an in-depth explanation of how our program works.  They also got to visit Manhattan Beach (the birth place of Beach Volleyball) and see the plaques of the past winners of the Manhattan Beach Opens.  After a busy day they finally were able to see Hermosa Beach’s USYVL program in action.  They were very impressed. Inguna explained that she has been in competitive Volleyball so long and always saw determination in the player’s eyes.  She said, “It is so nice to see the pure joy of children playing the game I love so much.” Size commented on how well thought out the program details are, from the USYVL curriculum to the custom Park & Sun net system. Size said, “When you join USYVL you can see how amazing the game of Volleyball is.”


A quote from our Latvia Coach:



“Pats jaukả rais vi reedeẻt bẻnnu precígảs tejas! Un too fums isdodas” – Inguna Minusa



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