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What ages are the children in the league?

Ages 7 -15.

How do you assign players to a division?

The groups are arranged by ages: 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 and 13-15. Ages are defined according to how old they are on November 1st of the present season. We do not form teams according to skill level. However, players may be moved up an age division.

Do the kids need to have prior volleyball experience?

Absolutely not! We are a league that does not require prior volleyball experience. There will be kids with varying levels of experience. Teams will be arranged to maintain a balance.

Are the teams coed?

Yes! All teams are coed.

How many kids are on a team?

Typically, the teams have 6-8 players.

What kind of attire should the players wear?

They can wear a regular pair of tennis shoes and athletic attire.

Who are the instructors?

We are a parent volunteer organization, but we do have a volleyball instructor (the Clinician) at every practice and game to supervise the volunteer coaches working with the teams. They are responsible for demonstrating and helping the volunteer coaches.

What skills are taught?

Spiking, serving, setting, passing, and blocking. Our four-person format allows the kids to play every position.

How many times do teams meet per week?

Teams meet two times per week. One day is for practices while the other day is for games (two 25-minute games). The first two weeks of the program, participants will practice on both of the days they meet. Practice days are during the week on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in the late afternoon. Game days are typically on Saturday morning. Practice and game day times may vary slightly at certain sites.

How is the league structured?

We are a non-profit organization, similarly structured to AYSO, but we are different in that all the players practice and play on the same date, time and location. In addition, we have a volleyball instructor on site at every practice and game to supervise the volunteer coaches. We do not have any fundraising requirements.

What kind of special equipment do you use?

We use a ball that is regulation size, but they are lighter to allow kids more success. We use lower nets so kids can learn how to spike correctly. We use a smaller court size for the 7-8 and 9-10 age divisions. The nets do get higher as the season goes on.

How is your organization related to Club Volleyball or USA Volleyball?

We are an affiliate organization of USA Volleyball and we focus on getting kids to play volleyball at a younger age.

Can players request a player or coach for team assignment?

Players are randomly assigned to a team within their age division. Only Head Coach volunteers are allowed the privilege of requesting one player, in addition to their own child, to be on their team.

If I am an Assistant Coach, can I have a special request?

As an Assistant Coach, you are normally with the team that your child is on (unless you have more than one child in the program). You can be with a specific Head Coach if s/he requests you. Assistant coaches may not have a special player request (that is, in addition to your own child), unless they decide to become a Head Coach.

If I am a Coach or an Assistant Coach and I have two (or more) children in different divisions, on which team should I volunteer?

Characteristically, the younger the child, the more attention is needed; therefore, we encourage head coaches and assistant coaches to participate on the youngest child's team.

If I move my child up a division, can I request they be on a particular team?

Your child will be placed on a team randomly unless you volunteer to be a Head Coach.

Last season we were on “Coach Brown’s” team. Can my child be on his team this year too?

“Coach Brown” can only make one special request. If he selects your child as his special request, then your child would be on his team. Otherwise, we let the computer balance the teams automatically. You may be surprised how many new friends your child (and you!) will make!

For carpool reasons, my child needs to be on so-and-so's team.

The practices and games take place at the same time for everyone, so rest assured that you can still carpool with children on different teams. If the special request is important to you, we encourage you to volunteer as a Head Coach.

If I call the National Office and tell them how important it is for my child to play with another player can they move my child?

If it is important for your child to have a special request, we encourage you to volunteer as a Head Coach. We will train you.


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