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USYVL News, December 2010

Dear USYVL Families,


The USYVL wishes you a fabulous holiday season with family and friends.

Please enjoy the holiday card from our family to yours!



We're Wearing it!  Are you?

If you haven’t been on our website lately, then you might not be aware that USYVL has launched a fantastic line of USYVL merchandise.

It’s sharp, comfortable and will definitely make heads turn around town. My personal favorite is the blue USYVL sweatshirt and cap.

Check it out and support the USYVL by showing off your new USYVL attire! 



Where Are They Now?

Becca and Hanna Clancy both started playing in one of the first pilot sites developed by USYVL to introduce kids to the sport of volleyball. Their parents, Kevin and Jane were an integral part in supporting the site, Jane as a Site Director for numerous years and Kevin as a volunteer coach.

What are they up to today?  Let’s take a look.

Becca was 8 years old when she started playing for USYVL, and learned early on that she really liked spiking the ball. It didn't always go where she wanted it to for a few years, but it still felt so good to hit the ball HARD!

After many years of USYVL she moved on to club volleyball, played all through high school, and is now finishing up her senior year at Hendrix College, in Conway, Arkansas. She was a starting outside hitter all four years at this NCAA Division III school, where she set the record for All time Career Kills and was second in All Time Career Attempts and Most Kills in a Season.


Becca still loves playing volleyball, and also loves coaching volleyball. Look for her at USYVL summer camps in the near future!


Hannah was one of the very first USYVL kids, starting at 6 1/2 years old. She especially loved playing defense.  Digging and chasing balls was her specialty! She grew into not only an excellent defensive player, but worked very hard to become an outstanding setter, as well. She continued to play competitively through middle school and high school, earning numerous awards as setter for Thousand Oaks High School including Ventura County Player of the Year and Marmonte League Player of the Year (twice!)

She is currently a sophomore at the University of the Pacific, where she is the starting setter for their NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball Team, playing in the Big West Conference. She also loves playing beach volleyball and is looking forward to the spring, for the first season of NCAA Women's Sand Volleyball.

From early on, Hannah has loved the game, and credits USYVL for starting her on the path to playing at the highest level!


Laurie McCarter from Moorpark USYVL Retires

When you think of Laurie McCarter, you think of Moorpark USYVL and vice versa. Laurie started her extensive volunteer career with USYVL as a volunteer coach the first year Moorpark USYVL opened. From there, it’s all a whirlwind as the program has grown to a popular youth sport under her direction.

We are very honored that Laurie chose USYVL to donate her time and talents and we will dearly miss her positive outlook and excitement she brought to the sport. She is like a ray of sunshine and we look forward to seeing her staying involved through the USYVL board and coaching.

We were not the only ones that noticed how special she is! The City of Moorpark honored her with a special recognition award for ten years of service to her community. Thank you Laurie and you will always be special in our hearts!


Looking for Volunteers 

Get involved and volunteer as a Site Director. This is a key position at the site and it takes a lot of dedication in the areas of organization, communication and recruiting. Most of all, you will enjoy the position and have fun doing it!

Sites currently needing a volunteer Site Director: Calabasas, Cupertino, El Segundo, Lake Forest, Lompoc, Long Beach-Whaley Park, Morgan Hill, Newbury Park, San Clemente, San Jose, San Lorenzo Valley, San Luis Obispo, Santa Monica, Thousand Oaks and West Hills.

If you would like to get involved in this capacity please call 1-888-988-7985 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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The United States Volleyball League relies on membership income primarily to support member communications and services.   Tax-deductible contributions to USYVL provide further resources crucial to the organization's mission to provide every child between the ages of 7 and 15 a chance to learn and play volleyball in a fun, safe, supervised environment.

Platinum: ($5,000 +)

Gold: ($1,000 - $4999)

Silver: ($500 - $999)

Bronze: ($250 - $499)

Spiker: ($100 - $249)

Setter: ($50 - $99)

Digger: ($25 - $49)


USYVL Merchandise 

Volleyballs - $20 each (age divisions 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, & 13-15, S&H included)   

Previously Used Nets - $165 each (S&H $4.95)




Have You Seen a USYVL Banner?   

If you have seen one, please take a picture and note the location.  Send us the picture and location to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive a cool prize. 

Haven't seen a USYVL banner, but you have seen other banners where USYVL should be, let us know.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-888-988-7985.


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Coaches Corner -

Partner Passing Under the Net

Players will get in groups of 2 with 1 volleyball.  Players line up across the net from their partner (approximately 5-6 feet between them).   The players will bend their knees and get low enough to see each other under the net. 

The players begin to pass the volleyball back and forth under the net while trying to keep the ball from hitting the bottom of the net or the ground.  

The emphasis should be on players bending their knees and keeping their back flat.  Their passing platform (arms, elbows, wrists) should be straight and strong and passing should be controlled. 

The goal is to get 10 passes in a row between the partners. 


This is the same drill but now the partners are adding lateral movement or side-slide movement. 

Have the player’s line up across the net from their partner (approx. 5-6 feet apart).  One group will go at a time.  They will start on one sideline and try to pass back and forth under the net while moving laterally to the other sideline.  The goal is to make it to the other sideline without letting the ball hit the ground.   

Passers will need to ‘lead’ their partners with a pass that is moving in the direction of the sideline they are moving towards.

If the ball touches the ground the players will return to the end of the line for another shot at making it across.  

Have fun!



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