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USYVL News, February 2011

Dear USYVL Families,


It’s that time of year again when the USYVL gets extremely busy preparing for the spring season! The phones start to ring off the hook, we’re finalizing location permits, arranging for volunteers and finalizing game schedules.

Every year we have faced one issue that we’re working diligently to solve. About 40-50% of program participants register on the last day of our regular registration, or during our late registration period, which means we face a last-minute rush to fill coaching positions.

To help alleviate coaching needs this season please refer your friends as early as possible. If they register before or by March 1 they can still receive the regular registration price and avoid the late fee.  

Additionally, please consider helping as a coach or assistant coach now! You will find it is much easier than you think, and you will receive immeasurable enjoyment from helping with your child’s team. In the event you are unable to help out this season, please consider asking a grandparent or your child’s older sibling to get involved. USYVL can be fun for the entire family.

We are looking forward to another fabulous season. See you on the court!


Randy Sapoznik
Executive Director



Regular Registration Ends March 1st

March 1 marks the last day for Regular Registration of $145!

So register by March 1 and save some cash by avoiding the late fee.

You can register online atwww.USYVL.orgor by mail. If you need a registration form call us at 1-888-988-7985 or you can also print one fromwww.USYVL.org


Where Are They Now?  

Aja Brofferio started playing volleyball the first season the Goleta USYVL opened when she was 8 years old. Initially, both parents helped with coaching and registration, but soon after Mom was the official Site Director and Dad the Clinician, a true family affair.

Her story is not of great prowess on the court, but rather of her enjoyment of the organization and what it stands for. She stopped playing with USYVL when she reached junior high school and became the Goleta site's defacto volunteer for shagging balls, assisting coaches and anything that was needed. She volunteered as coach and assistant coach as soon as she met the age requirement. By far, her favorite memories of USYVL is her volunteer work, directly interacting with children. Also, meeting Dain Blanton after he won the gold medal at the Olympics.

Aja Brofferio is a college freshman at Western Washington University. We wish her good luck in her first year of college and can’t wait to see her back volunteering at the Goleta USYVL.


How I Came to Love Volleyball 

We asked the question of Nia Mackie, USYVL’s newest Program Assistant, why did you start playing volleyball?

When I was 12 years old we moved to Cypress, CA. It wasn’t one of my favorite places and the teasing didn’t help. At 12, I was 5’9!

Since I was really tall, the P.E. teacher asked if I wanted to join the volleyball team. I went home and told my Mom and called my Dad to give him the news, my Dad was happy because he had been asking me to pick a sport to play.

After a few weeks of practice I was ready for my first volleyball match and my Dad was coming from Los Angeles to watch me play! I had no idea what I was doing, I was afraid of the ball, I didn’t go to the net, I just stood at the ten foot line and ducked when the ball came anywhere near me. After the match my Dad asked, “Are you sure you want to play volleyball?” With the biggest smile on my face I said YES!

I went on to play in high school and then at the University of South Carolina, where I started my junior and senior year. My Dad came to Senior weekend at University of South Carolina to watch me play and I will never forget how proud he was of me!


Training at USYVL National Office

On Saturday, January 29th, the USYVL National Office had the opportunity to host the first training of the year for it’s new and returning Site Directors and Clinicians for the Spring 2011 season.

These folks took time out of their weekend to join us in our passion for running the best volleyball programs in the United States.

This also gave us an opportunity to meet the driving force in the community, our volunteers. Like one of our Site Director’s said, “It’s so nice to put a face to the person I talk to at USYVL."


Join the A List 

Or should we say the “D” list?

Thank you to all the folks that have shown their support by donating to the USYVL and getting us to a great start in 2011!

Donations go directly into funding players that can’t afford to play volleyball, program improvements and equipment upgrades.

Thank you to all who have donated in 2011.


Volleyball Starts Here!

If you haven’t gotten it yet, get it!

The volleyball starts here! sweatshirt may be one of the coolest items on the USYVL merchandise list.

Support the USYVL by visiting the USYVL store. It’s got a great selection of merchandise that looks great on and off the court.



Platinum: $5,000 and above receive an autographed gold volleyball signed by an Olympian + silver level items.

Gold: $1,000 and above receive an autographed volleyball signed by an Olympian + silver level items.

Silver: $500 receive an official USYVL sweatshirt, sports bag and mini autograph ball

Bronze: $250 receive an official USYVL sweatshirt and sports bag

Spiker: $100 receive an official USYVL sweatshirt

Setter: $50 receive an official mini autograph ball

Digger: $25 receive an official USYVL window sticker



Coaches Corner


Serving Relays by Janelle Allen

You will need 2 players in each serving group with 1 volleyball. Players line up single file with their partner behind the service line or a line determined by the coach. On the coach’s go, the 1st player from each group serves the ball over the net and then chases it.

If the 1st player serves the ball over the net, they chase the ball and bring it back to their partner, the 2nd player, so they can serve. If the 1st player misses their serve, they get to serve again. If the 1st player misses two serves in a row, they pass it on to their partner, the 2nd player, so they can serve. The 2nd player serves it over the net and brings it back to the 1st player.

The servers keep alternating after a successful serve or every 2 missed serves. The first team to serve 10 over the net and sit down on the baseline wins!   


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USYVL upcoming events

U.S. Women’s National Volleyball Training Team Exhibitions


The March 1 exhibition will take place at 7 p.m. at St. Margaret’s Episcopal High School in San Juan Capistrano against Japan’s Girls’ Youth National Team.


The March 2 exhibition is scheduled for 7 p.m. at Concordia University in Irvine against Japan’s Girls’ Youth National Team.


Admission to each event is $5 per person with all tickets purchased at the door.

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