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USYVL Happenings, February 2012

Dear USYVL Families, 


Welcome to the 2012 season!

Thank you to all the folks that volunteered this past Spring, Summer and Fall!  With your time and dedication we were able to provide volleyball programs for our kids to play volleyball.

Also, thank you for your donations!  You made it possible for us to service every child that wanted to play volleyball. Our goal is to never turn a child away because of their financial situation and you allowed us to keep our promise.

This will be an extraordinary year due to an increase in programs being offered in addition to participants and volunteers.  The USYVL story continues! 

Randy Sapoznik
Executive Director


New Programs in California 

USYVL expands in California by opening this Spring in Elk Grove, Natomas and Santa Clarita.

With the support of former USYVL Sacramento Site Director, Ron, the Elk Grove and Natomas sites were put on the schedule for Spring 2012.  It takes interested community members to develop new programs.

The Saugus and Valencia sites have been servicing the Santa Clarita Valley for over ten years.  Due to extensive growth in the area, Santa Clarita developed into the third site to service the growing population. 


Give the Gift of Volleyball, Donate!

The USYVL Annual Fundraising Drive is in full gear so please help us meet our goal this year.

It is our mission to provide the best volleyball programs in the US and we need your help!

Our Community Fund provides every child the opportunity to play volleyball; we have never turned a child away.

It also allows us to provide training resources for our volunteers, quality equipment to use at each of our programs and youth volleyball clinics.

Help give every child the opportunity to play volleyball!


Apparel Store by Café Press

If you haven’t been on our website in the last few days, make sure to check it out!

The new USYVL Apparel Store is powered by Café Press and that means we’ve got some very cool stuff.

You can order a sweatshirt with the traditional USYVL logo or volleyball starts here!

For ladies, the performance dry t-shirts are great for working out or just wearing around town.

The trucker hats are perfect for keeping the sun out during USYVL game days. 



Volunteer Spotlight

Alisa from Calabasas started her volunteer experience with USYVL as a First Aid Administrator in the Fall of 2010.

After seeing how rewarding and enjoyable the Site Director position was and how important it is for the success of the program, she took on the Co-Site Director position in the Spring of 2011. Although her daughter Sarah moved on to high school volleyball in the Fall, Alisa continued as the Co-Site Director making sure all the kids in Calabasas had a great USYVL experience!

Her organizational skills, love for kids and the sport of volleyball have created a special place where a large number of kids move on to high school volleyball and continue to play the sport.

This Spring 2012, you can catch Alisa running her Calabasas USYVL Tuesdays and Saturdays at Chaparral Elementary.


Marv Dunphy Joins USYVL Board

USYVL is honored by the addition of Marv Dunphy to the list of board members.

Marv Dunphy is widely recognized as one of the best coaches in the sport of volleyball. He is the Head Men’s Volleyball Coach at Pepperdine University. This is his 29th season leading the Pepperdine Waves, with 12 of those seasons taking them to the NCAA Finals and four bringing home the NCAA Championship.

He was also the Head Men’s Volleyball Coach for the 1988 United States Men’s Olympic Gold Medal Team. He was an assistant coach in the 2000 Olympics and has consulted for the 1996, 2004 and 2008 Olympics. In 1994, Dunphy was inducted into the Volleyball Hall of Fame.

Every year, Dunphy runs the Marv Dunphy Volleyball Camp which just completed 34 years in operation. It is one of the most successful and highly acclaimed camps in the United States.

Marv brings an invaluable knowledge of the sport of volleyball at every level. His spirit and work ethic in developing players goes hand in hand with the USYVL’s mission to be the best volleyball program for kids in the US.


Coaches Corner

by Veronica Sanchez

Run, Jump and Hit are the basic keywords for spiking/hitting a volleyball.  Most kids do this naturally, but for right handed players you want to make sure that their left foot is forward at take-off, in the air and when landing. For left handed players, it’s the opposite foot. Other keywords include Reach and Snap, Ball in Front, Step Close and Swing through the Ball.

For a clear explanation and demonstration on how to properly teach spiking/hitting go to our website www.USYVL.org, select videos and click on Spiking.


• Platinum: $5,000 and above allows USYVL to open a new program.

• Gold: $1,000 and above provides nets for a site.

• Silver: $500 and above sponsors a team.

• Bronze: $250 and above provides uniforms for volunteers.

• Spiker: $100 and above sponsors a child.

• Setter: $50 provides uniforms for a team.

• Digger: $25 provides a volleyball for a player.

USYVL Equipment

 Previously Used Nets - $165 each (plus $12.00 S&H)


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