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USYVL Happenings, July 2012

Dear USYVL Families,   


As Summer begins, we hope you have a safe one filled with quality time with the family.

We will have a series of summer volleyball camps available for the kids to take part in.

Also, we encourage you to tune in to the London Olympic Games and root for our Men’s and Women’s indoor and beach volleyball teams.  Go USA!

Randy Sapoznik
Executive Director


Beat the July 1st Deadline

Early bird registration is coming quickly to an end this Sunday, July 1 at midnight!

You can register online at www.USYVL.org or by mail.  You can print a registration form from our website or you can give us a call at 1-888-988-7985 and we will be more than happy to email, fax or mail a registration form to you right away.


'Can U Dig It' Wins Team Name Contest

If you ever looked at hundreds of team names and tried to pick the best one, then you know it’s not an easy task.

Every season USYVL runs a team name contest which starts with everyone at the USYVL office selecting their top ten team names and finishes with the Site Directors and Clinicians voting for the top 3.

The winners for the Spring 2012 season are?  The Calabasas USYVL team Can U Dig It took the prize! 


Summer Camps

Now in its third year, USYVL Summer Camps are back with more programs to select from. 

The camps are three days, usually 9 a.m. to 12 noon. 

They are taught by instructors that have played or coached at the high school, club, college or higher level.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced players are welcome to register for the camp and the groups are divided by the camp instructor according to age level and playing experience. 

The player to instructor ratio of 8 to 1 makes it ideal for learning and perfecting volleyball skills.

To register for USYVL Summer Camps or find a location in your area, click on the summer camps button on the front page of our website.


Volunteer Spotlight 

It was a typical sunny afternoon in May at Whaley Park in Long Beach as I approached the site.  There was a perfect row of ten nets with a total of 20 teams, three Clinicians, all in perfect motion.  It was like an orchestra playing and Elaine Bloemeke, Site Director, was conducting.

This is Elaine’s first season as Site Director and in that short time she has helped cultivate and maintain a great USYVL program and site at Long Beach- Whaley Park.  Her main goal was to make sure that every child excelled at volleyball and had fun doing it.  She also strived to create great relationships with the parents to build a strong support system between the program and the families as well as always encouraging them to volunteer.  She has gone above and beyond what was required and has taken the volunteer position to another level.

Elaine will continue her work this Fall 2012 season and will also be running 5 USYVL Summer Camps! 


Show Your Support

Get your USYVL wristband, it’s FREE, and help spread the word about USYVL!

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for all kids to play volleyball in a quality program.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your full name, address or call 1-888-988-7985 and we will put one in the mail immediately.  Remember to let us know what color you would like, we have red, blue and black.



• Platinum: $5,000 and above allows USYVL to open a new program.

• Gold: $1,000 and above provides nets for a site.

• Silver: $500 and above sponsors a team.

• Bronze: $250 and above provides uniforms for volunteers.

• Spiker: $100 and above sponsors a child.

• Setter: $50 provides uniforms for a team.

• Digger: $25 provides a volleyball for a player.


USYVL Equipment

Previously Used Nets - $165 each (plus $12.00 S&H)



Don’t miss out on the latest news, exciting events, volleyball updates, and special promotions! Follow us on twitter @USYVL or “like” the USYVL facebook page. We would really appreciate your support! 


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