Spring 2014 - Tournament Information

Tournament on 2014-05-03 at Sacramento

Destination Information

Host Site:Sacramento
Visiting Sites:Elk Grove
Tournament Location:Curtis Park
Tournament Address:3349 W. Curtis Dr, Sacramento, CA, 95818
Map of Host Site Location:On maps.google.com  On maps.yahoo.com

Tournament Pool Information:

Tournament Rules (PDF)
Standard Tournament Pool Sheet (PDF)

Directions from Visiting sites

Elk Grove to Sacramento (~8.8 Miles): using maps.google.com  using maps.yahoo.com

Map links available only if both destination and source addresses are valid. Distances listed on this page are "line-of-sight" distances obtained from a variety of sources, including approximated locations based on zip code information. Because of this, accuracy of the distances varies. The driving distances provided by the Google and Yahoo links provided above will likely be more useful.

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