Advanced Juniors

Advanced Juniors

The Advanced Juniors program is designed for intermediate and advanced players to prepare and assist their transition from four person instructional leagues to competition in a six person format. The goal of the Advanced Juniors program is to create a pathway for players to advance to a higher level of competition such as high school or club volleyball.

Participants in the Advanced Juniors program have mastered the fundamentals of volleyball and are looking to improve their skill set to advance to higher levels of volleyball competition. Players will go through a skills assessment on the first day of the program to confirm they have a grasp of the fundamentals of volleyball. The skills assessment is a key component to ensure that the Advanced Juniors is the correct program fit for the player’s current skill level.

Each program has a dedicated volleyball instructor with experience playing or coaching at the high school, club, college, or higher level. The player to coach ratio is 12 – 1, with teams ranging from 6 – 12 players. Under this structure, participants have access to coaches that can provide guidance for individual skill development and instruction for enhanced team-building drills.

The program is coed and is open to boys and girls ages 12-18 with two age divisions, 15-Under, and 18-Under. Each program is structured around two 90-minute practices per week and includes three weekend tournaments.

Advanced Juniors Highlights:

  • Designed for players that have the basic fundamentals of volleyball.
  • Coed, boys and girls ages 12-18.
  • Instructor with experience playing or coaching at the high school, club, college, or higher level
  • 6-on-6 format.
  • 10 week program.
  • Two 90-minute practices per week.
  • Three weekend tournaments.
  • Uniform t-shirt provided.
  • Skills assessment by coach will take place during practice, during the first four practices.


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