The USYVL Commissions, and their respective Chairpersons, provide the President and Board of Directors with advice and recommendations on education and coaching, IT and database management, legal and finance issues, non-profit funding, marketing and events.

The advice includes analysis of the impact of proposed or actual program changes including cost and financial impact at the national and local levels; on the specific discipline and community of practice; on other disciplines and programs; on the standing and perception of USYVL as a national organization within the greater volleyball and sports communities and on other potential or actual partners and like-minded organizations.

The members of the Advisory Commissions are subject matter experts in their disciplines. They use their experience and knowledge to support effective decision making by the President and Board of Directors. They are expected to have an extensive knowledge of USYVL specific programs. Strong analytical skills are needed to evaluate the impact of actions on the organization at all levels. They should have a good understanding of the complexities of working with volunteers in youth sports and non-profit organizations. Leadership experience and skills are key to helping form and manage task forces that will be used to further develop projects. Experience in budgetary planning and cost analysis is also desired.


Things to know:

These are volunteer positions.

Time commitment for Advisory Commission members is anticipated to be 40-60 hours per year.

The complete job description for each Commission is available for download.

The Advisory Commissions are each subject to review and restructuring annually. Only complete applications will be considered. The deadline for submitting an application for the 2015-16 fiscal year is September 1, 2015.


Education/Coaching Job Description

IT/Database Job Description

Legal/Financial Job Description

Marketing/Events Job Description

Non-Profit Funding Job Description

USYVL volunteers interested in serving on one of the Advisory Commissions are welcome to submit a resume and application at any time during the year.

Application Process

Supply the following documents to the National Office (applications must include both documents):

  • Completed Application Form
  • A resume of your relevant professional and volunteer experience

The documents may be submitted electronically to ExecDir(@) or by mail:

To: USYVL Executive Director

2771 Plaza Del Amo, Ste 808

Torrance, CA 90503

Advisory Member Application Form

• Advisory Commission Members

  • Appointed by a majority of National Board Members  
  • Serve for a one year term at the will of the Board 
  • Serve on a specific Advisory Commission dependent upon expertise and interest of the member
    • Education/Coaching
    • IT/Database
    • Legal/Finance
    • Marketing/Events
    • Non-profit Funding
  • Support the USYVL programs and Commission in both specifics and in spirit
  • Attend or participate in meetings, teleconferences and planning sessions of the Commission as an official representative of the USYVL, attend various events, site meetings, practices, games, tournaments, camps, clinics in a support role.
  • Attend or participate in board meetings when report and discussion of specific Commission Project or work is scheduled
  • While performing as a Commission member, the volunteer is subject to the Bylaws of the USYVL, appointed by and under the overall authority of and directly supervised by the President, must have working knowledge of all USYVL programs; have experience in the discipline specific subject of the Commission; is able to demonstrate administrative ability in program planning, implementation, management;  possess good communication skills; and have experience working with volunteers.
  • Will attend regular scheduled events, comply with and champion the decisions of the Commission, President and National Board and complete assigned tasks by the President and Board within a specified time as written or communicated orally. Execution of duties and responsibilities in a manner consistent with the mission of USYVL programs.