Fall Registration OPEN!
The United States Youth Volleyball League is excited to announce that registration for all 2019 Fall leagues is open! Come join us this fall for volleyball in your local community. Our leagues are open to all children ages 7-15 who want to learn and play volleyball. Interest and enthusiasm for volleyball are the only requirements for playing with USYVL! All programs are eight weeks long and meet twice per week. One day is for practices while the other day is for games (two 25-minute games).

To locate a league in your area try our zip code finder or use our city and state list to see if there is a program in your community:.

Why should you sign up for USYVL?

Each league follows a handful of guiding philosophies that ensure the success of USYVL programs.

Open Registration
Our leagues are open to all children ages 7-15 who want to learn and play volleyball. Interest and enthusiasm for volleyball are the only requirements for playing with USYVL! All programs are eight weeks long and meet twice per week. One day is for practices while the other day is for games (two 25-minute games).

Every Child Plays
Our goal is for each child to learn and play volleyball. Our programs ensure that each child has the opportunity to actively participate as a member of the team. No prior volleyball experience is required. A volleyball instructor is on site for each practice and game.

Balanced Teams
We require that every site at the beginning of each season create teams that are evenly balanced. It is more fun when teams are constructed with equal ability. Our four-person format allows kids to play every position. Teams are grouped by four age ranges: 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, and 13-15. Ages are defined according to how old participants are on November 1st of the current year. All teams in the league are coed.

Positive Coaching
Positive coaching generates a great spirit to help each child learn and develop volleyball skills. We train and encourage our coaches to make the extra effort to understand the needs of each player and offer positive instruction to participants rather than negative criticism. Instruction includes learning the basics of the game including: serving, setting, passing, spiking, and blocking.

Good Sportsmanship
We create a positive environment based on mutual respect rather than a win-at-all-costs attitude. Our programs are designed to instill good sportsmanship in every facet of USYVL.

Register for fall youth volleyball today!

Tournament at VELO Center
This weekend USYVL’s Advanced Juniors programs will have a spring tournament (May 18th) at the VELO Sports Center in Carson, California. Teams from Calabasas, Camarillo, Fountain Valley, Irvine, Long Beach, Saddleback Valley, Thousand Oaks and Torrance will participate in the tournament.

During the spring season, our Advanced Juniors program hosts three weekend tournaments as part of the volleyball schedule. This is a great opportunity for several of our intermediate volleyball programs to meet at the same venue and enjoy fun and volleyball together. The tournament will feature games with a six-player format.

The VELO Sports Center is a fantastic venue that hosts many training programs for several sports disciplines. In addition, the center hosts annual international sports competitions. It is an excellent facility and presents a terrific opportunity for our young players to experience a unique environment to play volleyball.

USYVL’s Advanced Juniors program is for intermediate and advanced players to prepare and assist their transition from four person instructional leagues to competitive indoor competition with a six-player format. The goal of the Advanced Juniors program is to create a pathway for players to advance to a higher level of competition such as High School or Club volleyball.

The Advanced Juniors is a co-ed program and is open to boys and girls ages 12-16 with two age divisions, 14-Under and 16-Under.

To learn more about our Advanced Juniors program visit us online. For boys and girls looking for an advanced volleyball program, Advanced Juniors offers a more competitive environment in contrast to our instructional leagues.

Come join us next fall for volleyball. Our fall registration for both instructional leagues and our intermediate/advanced programs is now open. Click here to find a program in your area and register today!

Advanced Juniors Highlights:

• Designed for players that have mastered fundamentals of volleyball.
• Co-ed, boys and girls ages 12-16.
• Instructor with experience coaching at the club, high school or higher level
• Indoor 6-on-6 format.
• 10-week program.
• Two 90-minute practices per week.
• Three Saturday tournaments.
• Uniform t-shirt provided.
• Skills assessment prior to the season or on the first meeting date.

USYVL Opens Registration for Youth Volleyball Summer Camps
The United States Youth Volleyball League (USYVL) opened registration for three-day instructional youth volleyball camps this summer. Summer camps are located throughout Northern and Southern California at locations including Camarillo, Culver City, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Laguna Niguel, Long Beach, Los Gatos, Moorpark, Mountain View, Sacramento, San Jose, Thousand Oaks and Torrance. Camps are available for boys and girls ages 7-15.

USYVL Summer Camp programs focus on skill development to improve and enhance all aspects of player’s technique and proficiency on the court. Our summer camp program is for beginner, intermediate, and advanced volleyball players. To register or to learn more about the program, visit our summer camps website.

At our summer camps, participants learn in smaller groups according to age and skill level. These smaller groups allow our experienced instructors more time for individual coaching and instruction within a team environment. The player to coach ratio for USYVL Summer Camps is 8:1, which permits more flexibility and time for coaches to work one-on-one with participants.

Best of all, summer camps are fun! We work to create a positive environment based on mutual respect, rather than a win-at-all-costs attitude. For information on USYVL Summer Camp registration, locations, schedules or volunteer opportunities, visit www.usyvl.org or contact us at 1-888-988-7985 or [email protected].


Founded in 1997, the United States Youth Volleyball League is a non-profit youth sports organization that hosts more than 15,000 participants annually, nationwide. USYVL’s mission is to provide every child between the ages of 7 and 15 a chance to learn and play volleyball in a fun, safe, and supervised environment. One of the main tenets of the program is to encourage children to do their best with their abilities. With an emphasis on positive reinforcement, the program seeks to build confidence and self-esteem in each child. Visit us at www.usyvl.org.


Refer-A-Friend and Get a Cool T-Shirt

Thank you to all that have signed up for our Spring Leagues! Spring will be here before you know it and we are looking forward to another fantastic season of volleyball.

Now that you are registered to play with USYVL, what about your friends? There is nothing better than getting your friends to play volleyball.

When your friends sign up and say that you referred them, USYVL will send you a cool t-shirt! Refer more new families to earn more gifts! One referral earns a t-shirt. For two, add a wristband! For three referrals, you will get a t-shirt, wristband and a surprise. For four referrals, we’ll send a sweatshirt and the grand prize is a signed Gold Ball for five referrals! The Gold Ball is for referring five new families to USYVL who sign up and say that you referred them.


Refer-A-Friend is easy:

  1. 1. Find a friend, classmate, or family member and tell them about USYVL.
  2. 2. Have your friend visit our registration page and locate a spring league to join.
  3. 3. During the registration process, the form will ask your friend how they heard about USYVL.
  4. 4. Have your friend select that they heard about USYVL from you and include your first and last name as the individual that referred them.
  5. 5. We will send you a cool t-shirt.

Remember to let your friends know why they should play USYVL:

  1. • 8 weeks of volleyball instruction in a fun, safe, and supervised environment.
  2. • 4 Age Divisions for boys and girls ages 7 to 15.
  3. • Registration price includes a volleyball, uniform t-shirt, and participation award.

If you have questions, give us a call at 1-888-988-7985 or visit our Refer a Friend page. We look forward to seeing you and your friends this fall.

Volleyball Starts Here!

High School Students Can Earn Community Service Hours

Volunteer coaching is a fun way to get involved and work with young players in a volleyball atmosphere.

High School students who volunteer with USYVL can receive up to 40 community service hours. The weekly time commitment for volunteers is generally three to four hours per week.

USYVL operates co-ed youth volleyball leagues for kids ages 7-15. Our leagues have four age divisions 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, and 13-15.

Each league has a dedicated Clinician (Volleyball Instructor) that supervises the local site. Under the direction of the Clinician, volunteer assistant coaches guide players through drills, lessons, practices, and games.

If you love being involved with your community or playing volleyball and enjoy working with kids, this is a perfect opportunity to get involved. You can fill out the volunteer form online at the link below or print the form, at the link below, complete and email to [email protected] Questions on volunteering contact Veronica at 1-888-988-7985.

High School Community Service – Volunteer Form
Click here to sign up online!