I witnessed kids who were very timid be able to open up as they were forced to interact with their team members as a unit and create friendships with one another. I witnessed these children who started off the first day not knowing how to even hit the ball, pass it over the net or to anyone else, or know how to serve a ball, or even spike and/or play to being able to utilize their skills they learned during their Tuesday practices and put it to play during their Saturday games. They did such an amazing job and to watch their eyes light up when they won against another team that they thought was hard to beat was even more rewarding for me! Coach Rhona and I had a blast with these kids from both Teams 25 and 26

– Volunteer Caoch Emma

I coach because you asked and have benefited with the many rewards it offers. My daughter and I are able to bond while we are on the court together. I have seen her grow, not only as a player, but as a great teammate. I appreciate that the league is coaching parents in the skills to be an effective coach and help us succeed in making the games fun! It has also been a great community to be part of. Thank you for making this league so great.

– Volunteer Caoch Eleanor – Team Eight Ballers Spring 2019

I coach to help kids build confidence, establish relationships and encourages life skills through the game of volleyball. Coaching volleyball provides instant gratification in giving back to the community.

– Volunteer Coach Jaqueline – Team Strikers Spring 2019

I’d say I coach because I want to help the kids learn new skills, become strong teammates, and have fun in a positive environment. I loved watching them not only improve their volleyball skills, but gain confidence.

– Volunteer Kristi – Team Spectacular Seven Spring 2019

Why I coach? My daughter was returning to USYVL and asked me to be her assistant coach. That’s not a request I could say no to. After all, I really enjoyed playing on my high school volleyball team. Over the weeks, I saw our players develop their skills, learn how to collaborate as a team, and sow seeds for enjoyment for a sport. I watched a shy girl grow in confidence and come out of her shell. I watched a new player practice perseverance and dedication to try to do things she couldn’t do before. I watched an experienced player learn that you can’t lose focus, even when you are one of the best players on the team. I shared the excitement of volleyball with my daughter and made common memories with her. After the season ended, I felt humbled by how my own experience was enriched through the players on the team. I learned the answer to an even bigger question: why do I love to coach.

Volunteer Kathy – Team Timberwolves Spring 2019