My daughter Isabelle is why I coach. I played volleyball through middle school and high school, so when she started showing an interest in volleyball in the summer of 2017 I immediately looked into the USYVL program. When she saw that parents can volunteer to be coaches, she was so excited for us to do this activity together. We were both nervous going into that first season but we quickly saw that the program and the people were amazing. We made a routine of our practice nights: a playlist of songs to listen to on the drive there, going out for dinner afterwards, and some one-on-one time for girl talk. Before we knew it we had finished our first season and were counting the days until our next one. The USYVL program has given my daughter the opportunity to make new friends, has helped her find a passion for sports, and has a given us the time to add a new layer to our mother-daughter relationship. The smile on Isabelle’s face is why I coach.

Volunteer Nadine – Team Cherry Bombs Spring 2019

I coach because I am energized by cheering on others and seeing the joy when the kids realize they’re making progress on a skill. I also value the opportunity to interact with my son outside of the daily mother-child dynamic. It was a delight to learn he thinks I actually know something! Connecting with other families in our community is the icing on the cake. Coaching USVYL is a blast!

Volunteer Angie – Team Diamond Dolphins Spring 2019

This past Spring season was my first experience coaching volleyball. I grew up as a setter, playing volleyball on middle school and high school teams and playing club volleyball for 7 years. Now that my daughter is old enough to play, I wanted her to have the same opportunity of being exposed to such a great game. And, when the chance for me to coach her team arose, I couldn’t pass it up. I see it as an opportunity to not only support them in their skill development, but also to help them with their confidence and team building skills. Often, all it takes is a little effective coaching to lay the foundation for a life-long love of the game. My goal is to contribute to that foundation and an environment where kids feel comfortable making mistakes and improving, that cultivates learning the game, and where they can have fun.

Volunteer Coach Tracy – Team Bling Bling Wolf Packs

The reason I coach is for the kids. I love teaching them and sharing a common joy for playing volleyball.

-Angela – Team Flying Squirrels Spring 2019

I coached last season because I wanted to be involved with my kids learning a new sport and I wanted to be able to play it with them once they had learned, but I got soooo much more out of it than that. I got to know the kids on my team really well and I totally enjoyed their company and their senses of humor. It turns out that hanging out with a bunch of 11 year olds is really fun! I loved seeing how my encouragement could make them feel positive about themselves and their abilities and I loved watching how good they got in such a short time. It is a great feeling to be part of the team.

-Marie-Claire – Team Super Strikers Spring 2019