I coach because I love helping kids learn to love volleyball! Volleyball has played a special part in my life and I want kids to see how much fun it can be!

Volunteer Coach Holly – Team Croissants

My motivation to coach is quite simple, I would like to play and learn together with my kid, and there is consequent bonus, I could be a part when my kid knowing new friends and playing with them. Work and social are endless for me, but the time I could play and learn together with my kids is very very limited. Meanwhile, it is also a good chance to show my kid how to serve the community.

Spring Volunteer Coach Guibao

  • • The league needed the help
  • • I want to set a good example of involvement for my kids
  • • It’s important to combine improving skills with enjoying the sport…I am able to do that
  • • I’m there, so why not

Spring Volunteer Coach Michael

I coach because after 3 seasons it’s rewarding to see how the kids grow. The kids play volleyball at a young age because they enjoy the company of the other kids, not so much that they love volleyball. The hope is that if they keep at it they will develop a love for the game and the payoff is when adults can play in a full game with their kids. Also I’ve found it’s a great break from your busy work life. Most parents are hesitant to commit (I was the same way). Now you look forward to something that takes your mind off of the endless list of things to do for work and home and just spend time with your kids and their friends. Also when your kids are all grown up, they will remember that your dad or mom was the coach when they were younger. So those are the reasons I coach.

Spring Volunteer Coach Justin