Assistant Coach
Assistant Coach

The USYVL volunteer position of Assistant Coach is responsible for assisting the Coach in the duties to oversee and instruct teams and players. Assistant coaches help with running practices and games under the direction of the Clinician (Site Volleyball Instructor).

Assistant coaches participate in the instruction and teaching of technical and life skills. No previous experience is needed. Coaching clinics occur before each season and USYVL provides coaches with a curriculum manual.

Time Commitment: The anticipated time commitment for an Assistant Coach is approximately 3 hours

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Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Assistant Coaches are expected to:

1) Support the Clinician and Head Coach with instruction.
2) Attend the coaching clinic for training.
3) Assist with equipment set up and take down.
4) Carry out other team tasks as necessary.
5) Have FUN!

Qualifications and Desired Skills

1) Be reliable.
2) Be able to give clear instructions.
3) Submit a volunteer form for USYVL to conduct a background check.