The USYVL position of Clinician (Volleyball Instructor) is responsible for overseeing drills, practices, games, and team instruction of the fundamentals of volleyball.

Clinicians also manage the site parent volunteer coaches and assistant coaches to ensure the volunteer staff working with each team are running the drills, practices, and games correctly. Previous volleyball experience is required for this position.

Clinicians are offered a stipend that is paid at the end of the eight-week league season.

Time Commitment: The estimated hours to fulfill the duties shall be 3-4 hours per week. The anticipated time commitment for a Clinician is the full eight-week season, plus the Parent Meeting and Coaching Clinic.

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Specific Duties and Responsibilities

1) Organize & supervise the parent volunteer coaches/assistant coaches.
2) Direct parent volunteer coaches how to perform volleyball drills.
3) Demonstrate the proper volleyball fundamentals to the kids directly.
4) Run Game Days and Tournaments.
5) Communicate with the USYVL National Office.
6) Attend 2 hour Training meeting.
7) Run 2 hour Coaching Clinic prior to the start of the season.

Qualifications and Desired Skills

1) Have experience playing volleyball or coaching volleyball at the high school, club, college or higher level.
2) Be able to give clear and precise directions.
3) Be dependable.