Registration Administrator
Registration Administrator

The USYVL volunteer position of Registration Administrator is responsible for assisting in the duties to oversee the site players and volunteers.

This position will coordinate administrative activities under the direction of the Site Director. This volunteer positions is tasked with organizing administrative duties and activities at the league site.

Time Commitment: The estimated hours to fulfill the duties by day shall be 2-3 hours per week. The anticipated time commitment for Registration Administrator is the duration of the league schedule.

Registration Administrator-329942169
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Specific Duties and Responsibilities

The Registration Administrator volunteer is expected to:

1) Assist with equipment and court set-up.
2) Greet parents and pass out materials & information.
3) Verify that the forms are filled out completely.
4) Check-in players and coordinate volunteer assignments.
5) Collect forms from parents and players.
6) Sort and organize forms.

Qualifications and Desired Skills

1) Be organized and detail oriented.
2) Be able to keep all personal information confidential.