Who We Are

Who We Are

The United States Youth Volleyball League is a non-profit youth sports organization. The organization is structured with a National Office Staff, Board Members, and Commissions that each compliment each other and work to bring youth volleyball programs to communities nationwide. Most importantly, we are a volunteer organization. Your support, contribution, and enthusiasm helps to make our organization successful.

Board Members

The United States Youth Volleyball League (USYVL) works with a highly effective and engaged board that provides guidance, assists with development, monitors strategic plans, and is tasked with fiduciary duties. The board is an independent body composed of a diverse group of advisors with specific roles based on their professional training, expertise, and varied backgrounds. The Board is a valuable component of our organization and brings years of valuable experience that significantly benefits our leagues and programs.


The USYVL Commissions, and their respective Chairpersons, provide the President and Board of Directors with advice and recommendations on education and coaching, IT and database management, legal and finance issues, non-profit funding, marketing and events. USYVL Commissions provide a meaningful contribution to the organization and their support is a key ingredient to assisting the organization with information and tools to make each program the very best it can be for local communities.

National Office

Our National Office is location in Torrance, California and interfaces directly with each USYVL program site. USYVL is a volunteer based organization and we work closely with many of them to ensure that each site and program is a success. Our office works hard to ensure that you have access the necessary information about the organization and our programs. Our goal is to provide the best customer service possible so that you can focus on enjoying the volleyball season with your family.

The National Office provides many services including: assistance with computerized registration, general inquiries, communication, reviewing policies and procedures, liability and accident insurance, training for coaches and administrators, and much more! If you have a question, ask us! If there is a problem, let us help to resolve it!