Start a Program

Start a Program

The Five Quick Steps to Starting a New UYSVL Program

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find a location

The location can be a school or park, with playing surfaces of grass, sand, or indoors.


select an eight-week period

Select two days a week to run the USYVL program. Most sites practice once during the week and play games on Saturdays. Since you know your community best you may select any two days.


fill out a site request form

Fill out a form or call 1-888-988-7985.


locate a clinician

You may select a local volleyball player to instruct the players on a weekly basis. The USYVL National Office will assist you if you need help locating a qualified clinician.



The USYVL National Office will assist with all aspects of registration including flyer production and distribution.

Are you ready to start a program? We can’t wait to see you… join the experience!