Why Coach?

Why Coach?

In the USYVL, coaching is one of our most important jobs. Many responsibilities come with the task of being a coach, but these are far outweighed by the rewards. As a coach, you will teach kids the fundamentals of volleyball, how to be a team player, and, most importantly, good sportsmanship. The result is a new generation of well-rounded volleyball players who grow within our league’s positive environment.
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Time Commitment

Coaching for the USYVL requires a very small time commitment. At most you will spend two to four hours each week coaching. You are welcome to volunteer for a season, and see how you like it. However, be careful. After a season of volleyball with the kids, coaches always seem to return!

Joining The Team

As a coach, you are truly part of the USYVL team – and part of a coaching team. You are never alone in your tasks. Each site offers support from assistant coaches, site directors, site clinicians, and administrators who are always available to answer questions, and help you.

The local Coaching Clinic is directed by your site clinician, who will provide you with a coaching manual, and a hands-on instructional overview of all the skills being taught throughout the season. Your site clinician will be available all season long to answer any questions you may have as they come up.

The USYVL teaches kids the necessary skills to excel in the sport of volleyball, but the focus remains on participation, cooperation, sportsmanship, and responsibility. USYVL’s emphasis on positive reinforcement coaching, helps build confidence and self-esteem in each young athlete. Our low pressure high praise method of coaching develops kids who learn more than just how to pass, set, and spike a volleyball.

USYVL coaching clinics

USYVL provides several coaching clinics. Clinics are offered before the start of the season. If you are unable to attend your site’s coaching clinic, speak with your site clinician about attending a make-up clinic. The USYVL offers certification for all coaches. Additional training opportunities are available. You are more than welcome to attend another site’s coaching clinic to gain more coaching experience.

USYVL curriculum handbook

Every coach will receive the USYVL’s Curriculum Handbook. Written by some of the best volleyball coaches in the world, this handbook provides step-by-step instruction for each skill taught throughout the entire season. Every fundamental of volleyball is thoroughly explained, with pictures and diagrams to augment the text. All practices for the eight-week league are organized in down-to-the-minute format. The combination of hands-on training, and the training in the handbook, will allow a person without any volleyball experience to coach a volleyball team.

Head Coach Perks

Only Head Coaches get to request a player in addition to their own child to be on their team.
You get an awesome USYVL Coach shirt.
You get to spend extra time with your child.
You get to make a difference in the life of a child.