Coaching Tips – One on One Game

Place one player on one side of the net and another on the other side, on the 10-foot line.

One player will toss the ball over to the other player on the other side of the net.

That player will attempt to pass, set, and spike in a controlled manner to the player across the net.

This is a miniature game staying in the vicinity of the 10-foot line.

You can add more teams along the net, up to three to four, so they each have enough room.

This is a great training tool for working on the fundamentals, ball control and hand eye coordination.

Making the Team

Players in the Instructional Leagues, focus is on learning the fundamentals of volleyball and learning how to play the game.

As the players move on from the Instructional Leagues to Advanced Juniors, the focus remains the same, except in an indoor setting.

The fundamentals of volleyball are always at the core of becoming a great volleyball player, it is perfecting the skills correctly that becomes the focus.

Being able to do each skill correctly in a game situation is what is helping our players make their boys and girls high school teams.

So, stick with it, work on your fundamentals this Spring season.

For a list of Advanced Juniors locations, click here:

Beginners Are Welcome in the Instructional League!

USYVL is a coed, instructional, non-competitive league that welcomes beginners. Our volleyball instruction and games are designed to be fun and safe for boys and girls ages 7 – 15. All registered players will be placed onto a coed team, based on a player’s age on November 1, 2024, in one of four age divisions: 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, and 13-15.

Players receive instruction in spiking, serving, setting, passing, and blocking. Most of our locations play outdoors on a grass field. Each player will receive a t-shirt with registration.

Our team coaches are volunteers and the majority are parents, like you! Volunteer coaches are responsible for coaching the team, taking attendance, set up and take down of the portable net. We provide an in-person volunteer coaching clinic and online volunteer coaching clinic before the start of the season and you do not need prior experience. In addition to the coaching clinic, you will have a local expert at all practices and games – the Clinician is your local contact.

If you would like to volunteer, complete a volunteer form online by logging in here: and click on New Volunteer.

All teams meet on both days listed online. The first day is practice and the second day is practice and/or games. We begin playing games in the third week and if we have nearby locations, up to three of those game days will be multi-site games.

The spring 2024 season begins in April. To join, enter your zip code on our website ( to see the registration details for the available programs near you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing your child on the court!

Coaching Tips – Learning to Get the Volleyball Out of the Net

The Coach tosses the ball from the front left position, about 10 feet from the net into the net at medium speed.

The player is in the setting position, facing the left side area and as the volleyball hits the net, arms are in a passing position and horizontal to the net.

Your goal is to watch the volleyball from the coach to the net and once it comes off the net at an instant you are ready to pass it in an upward motion as if to set a spiker on the left side, generally in between where the coach is standing and the net.

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