Advanced Juniors Spring
Registration is now open for USYVL’s Advanced Juniors program next spring. Anyone that registers by December 1 will receive a cool Asics mesh ball bag!

To register for Advanced Juniors click here.

Advanced Juniors locations for Spring 2018:

Elk Grove
Fountain Valley
Long Beach
Los Gatos
San Jose
Santa Clara
Thousand Oaks
West Sacramento

The Advanced Juniors program is for intermediate and advanced players to prepare and assist their transition from four person instructional leagues to indoor competition with a six-player format. The goal of the Advanced Juniors program is to create a pathway for players to advance to a higher level of competition such as High School or Club volleyball.

Participants in the Advanced Juniors program should have prior volleyball experience.

Each program has a dedicated volleyball instructor with experience coaching at the club, high school or higher level. The player to coach ratio is 12:1, with teams ranging from 6 – 12 players. Under this structure, participants have access to coaches that can provide guidance for individual skill development and instruction for enhanced team building skills.

The program is coed and is open to boys and girls ages 12-16 with two age divisions, 14-Under and 16-Under. Each program is structured around two 90-minute practices per week and includes three weekend tournaments.

We are excited for the new Advanced Juniors next spring! To learn more about the program visit our Advanced Juniors page!

Highlights of our Advanced Juniors program include:

• Designed for players with volleyball experience.
• Co-ed, boys and girls ages 12-16.
• Qualified instructors with experience coaching at the club, high school or higher level.
• Indoor 6-on-6 format.
• 10-week program length.
• Two 90-minute practices per week.
• Three weekend tournaments.
• Uniform t-shirt provided to participants.

If you have any questions please contact the USYVL National Office at 1-888-988-7985.

Fall Season Concludes
Last weekend marked the end of USYVL’s fall volleyball programs. We wanted to offer a special thank you to all those participants that joined us this fall to learn and play volleyball.

Also a special thank you to all of our terrific volunteers that shared your time and talents at so many of our fall locations. Parents and other family members add so much to our volleyball leagues. You truly made a huge difference in the success of our fall programs.

The final day of our fall league season offers participants, parents, coaches, and volunteers the opportunity to reflect back on the memories over the past eight weeks. Many have become better volleyball players and teammates, but most of all participants had fun.

At the conclusion of each season, participants received their end of season medal and many of our sites plan a fun event to spend time together to have a party with food, fun, and games.

As the fall season ends, we wanted to remind you that registration for the spring 2018 season is open. The early registration period is open until December 1. We encourage you to register early and save on the registration fee for our fall programs.

Spring 2018 Registration Deadlines:

Early Registration $135 until December 1
Regular Registration $155 until March 1
Late Registration $185 until April 1

Programs fill up quickly. Sign up for fall volleyball today!

To locate or register for a spring program in your area visit our registration page. We have added a few new programs for the fall season so check out our program finder to locate the program nearest to you.

Again, thank you for participating with USYVL this season. We hope to see you again in the spring at one of our volleyball league sites.

Volleyball Starts Here!

USYVL Leadership Award
Last Saturday the United States Youth Volleyball League was proud to present the 2017 USYVL Leadership Award to Bill Martinez.

USYVL presents the USYVL Leadership Award annually to the individual who has exhibited outstanding leadership, demonstrated a sustained commitment to our programs, and has made a positive impact on the organization.

This year’s recipient, Bill Martinez, began as a volunteer coach for his daughter in 1998. One year later Bill joined our Board of Directors and served as a valuable member, including service in the role of Board President from 2006-2010. Earlier this year, Bill completed his time as member of our Board following almost 20 years of faithful service. Even years after his daughter completed her participation in USYVL programs Bill continued to serve in various capacities with the USYVL Board and continued to be active at the local site level.

Bill has been an avid volleyball fan and player for well over 40 years. Bill is a former USYVL coach. He and his family are still active players in many recreational volleyball leagues across Southern California. Bill is an administrator at Pepperdine University with over 20 years of service at the school.

Bill is a great example of a valued member of one of our local communities that caught the vision of USYVL’s mission and has worked tirelessly to help young volleyball players learn and play volleyball in a fun, safe, and supervised environment.

Volunteers like Bill that have dedicated their time and talents to a worthwhile cause that help to energize and elevate our programs. With the support of his family and through his service, many lives of young volleyball players have received a positive and lasting influence.

Please join USYVL in congratulating Bill Martinez for his leadership and service to our programs and participants. Thank you, Bill!

Spotlight Site Director & Clinician
With USYVL’s fall season in full swing, we wanted to take some time out to recognize a couple of individuals making a huge difference this season. One of the basic tenants of our volleyball programs is the support and work of our volunteers and dedicated volleyball instructors.

We would like to highlight two exceptional individuals this fall who are great examples of USYVL’s mission to help each child learn and play volleyball in a fun, safe, and supervised environment.

The two key roles at USYVL sites are the Site Director and the Clinician (Volleyball Instructor). This season we are pleased to recognize:

Site Director – Nolan Marrero, Folsom
Clinician – John Wong, San Jose – Butcher Park

Nolan Marrero

Nolan Marrero – Site Director – Folsom
In his second season as a Site Director with USYVL, Nolan has made a positive impact with our Folsom program. He has dedicated his time and effort, many times going beyond the norm to create a positive learning environment and memorable experience for all of our Folsom participants.

Nolan is a very involved Site Director and works to ensure that the program is running smoothly and successfully. Since USYVL relies heavily on the support of volunteers, Site Directors play a pivotal role in recruiting parents as coaches and on-site administrators to help guide our players and program in a positive direction. Nolan has excelled in this role by engaging other volunteers and keeping them involved and active throughout the season.

Nolan was born in Puerto Rico and his family moved to Philadelphia when he was nine years old. He moved to Folsom five years ago and works as a consultant with Sutter Health. One of the inspirational figures in his life was an elder from his church that encouraged and mentored him throughout his youth. Nolan noted the positive impact this has made on his life. It has helped him be a better father, husband, and member of the local community. This positive influence in his life has helped to illustrate the importance of being a good influence, showing people that you care, and being a mentor to those around you.

When asked what he likes most about being a USYVL Site Director, Nolan said that he enjoys contributing time and energy to help make the kid’s lives meaningful. Talking about his role as a Site Director, he said, “Just like my mentor did for me, you never know the positive impact you can have on a developing child. I enjoy watching their eyes light up when they are able to master the skills we are going over.”

With the efforts of amazing Site Directors like Nolan, our programs would not be as successful as they are today. You can tell by the smiles on the faces of the kids in Folsom, the quality of the experience at that site has created valuable memories for everyone involved. We would like to thank him and acknowledge all that he does for the kids and program in Folsom.

John Wong – Clinician – San Jose Butcher Park

John Wong, Clinician

John has served as a volleyball instructor with USYVL for four seasons. He has done an outstanding job instructing our San Jose participants and creating an energetic learning environment. His dedication extends beyond just the Butcher Park site, as he has helped teach volleyball skills at other sites in the area on numerous occasions.

John was born in Salinas, California. He has spent most of his life in the Monterey Bay area. He grew up in a single parent home with a hard working mother that supported four children. John was able to see the value of hard work at an early age.

His love of volleyball is easily on display as he teaches and instructs the USYVL curriculum during the season. He always takes time to make sure each player is enjoying the volleyball experience. John noted that what he loves most about being a USYVL Clinician is seeing the kids come out of their shell and develop as a person and player. The delight the children show playing the game is one of the great highlights for him.

Our Clinicians also play a vital role in guiding our volunteer coaches. John has always made it a point to engage coaches and help place them in a position to utilize their knowledge and skills to benefit the players. Additionally, he has worked diligently to ensure that player safety protocols are in place and a priority at the site.

Please join us in recognizing Nolan and John for their valuable contribution to the USYVL community!

Tournament at VELO Center
This weekend USYVL’s Advanced Juniors programs will have a fall tournament (November 11) at the VELO Sports Center in Carson, California. Teams from Fountain Valley, Irvine, Long Beach, Torrance, Camarillo, Moorpark and Thousand Oaks will participate in the tournament.

During the fall season, our Advanced Juniors program hosts three weekend tournaments as part of the volleyball schedule. This is a great opportunity for several of our intermediate volleyball programs to meet at the same venue and enjoy fun and volleyball together. The tournament will feature games with a six-player format.

The VELO Sports Center is a fantastic venue that hosts many training programs for several sports disciplines. In addition, the center hosts annual international sports competitions. It is an excellent facility and presents a terrific opportunity for our young players to experience a unique environment to play volleyball.

USYVL’s Advanced Juniors program is for intermediate and advanced players to prepare and assist their transition from four person instructional leagues to competitive indoor competition with a six-player format. The goal of the Advanced Juniors program is to create a pathway for players to advance to a higher level of competition such as High School or Club volleyball.

The Advanced Juniors is a co-ed program and is open to boys and girls ages 12-16 with two age divisions, 14-Under and 16-Under.

To learn more about our Advanced Juniors program visit us online. For boys and girls looking for an advanced volleyball program, Advanced Juniors offers a more competitive environment in contrast to our instructional leagues.

Come join us next spring for volleyball. Our spring registration for both instructional leagues and our intermediate/advanced programs is now open. Click here to find a program in your area and register today!

Advanced Juniors Highlights:

• Designed for players that have mastered fundamentals of volleyball.
• Co-ed, boys and girls ages 12-16.
• Instructor with experience coaching at the club, high school or higher level
• Indoor 6-on-6 format.
• 10-week program.
• Two 90-minute practices per week.
• Three Saturday tournaments.
• Uniform t-shirt provided.
• Skills assessment prior to the season or on the first meeting date.